Airsoft Gun Buying Guide for 2019

Airsoft Gun Buying Guide

There are tons of different types of airsoft guns available on the market. If you are not experienced, you may find it a bit disorienting to find the right product for you. In this post, we will help you find it.

Types of guns


With these guns, you can fire one shot at a time. These guns are cocked by hand. Spring powered guns have few moving parts and that is why they are really durable. But there is a downside. The rate of fire is really slow and therefore every shot should be counted. Airsoft players usually start with spring powered guns, mostly because they are the cheapest. But there are also some spring powered rifles which are really powerful. You can shoot 450FPS or higher with these rifles.

Electric (AEG)

These guns are powered by battery and they have both full and semi auto functions. The firing mechanism is powered by an electric motor. When the battery is fully charged, you will feel the power of Auto Electric Guns. When your gun is in semi auto mode, each time you press the trigger, you will fire one shot. You don’t need cocking. Most airsoft guns are in fact auto electric guns.


There are many pistols and rifles on the market powered by green gas and CO2. They inject green gas, which is a type of propane gas, into the gun. When you pull the trigger, the mechanism releases a burst of gas, and that propels the shot. Guns powered by green gas come in semi/full auto version. CO2 guns use compressed CO2 and they work the same way. Gas pistols which are of higher quality have a feature known as “blowback”. When you fire the gun, the slide of the gun moves back and forth. I have found that some of the best airsoft guns I’ve owned have been GBB pistols, and they are one of my favorites to use today.

Terms related to airsoft

Airsoft – Airsoft guns are also known as “soft air” guns. They fire 6mm plastic BBs. These guns look like real guns. More and more people around the globe are getting interested in the game.

BBs – Airsoft guns use plastic BBs as ammunition. Their size is 6mm. They are recognized by their weight and they have several grades. While 0.20g BBs weigh 0.20 grams, 0.12g BBs weigh 0.12 grams. Powerful guns usually use heavier BBs.

Hi Capacity Magazine – These magazines can hold many BBs. At the bottom of the magazine, there is a small wheel. When it is turned, more BBs are forced in the mechanism. In a few magazines, you can carry many rounds of BBs.

Blow Back – Whenever you fire a shot, the blow back makes the slide shoot back. This is the feature that makes you feel as if you were using a real gun or pistol.

Are you choosing the right gun?

While making a decision, you have to figure out which gun you really like. But keep in mind that all the guns are internally similar. Here is a brief guide that may help you choose the right gun.


If you are a beginner, choosing the most expensive gun may not be a good decision for you. But do not start with the cheapest gun. The recommended guns for beginners are spring pistols and Electric Rifles.

Intermediate players

If you are an intermediate player, you may choose a high capacity magazine, because you need something with a little more kick. You can also use an AEG with a metal gear box.

Experienced players

Experienced players know what type of guns they want. They know what features to look for in the guns they use. If you are an experienced airsoft player, there is little chance that you will pay heed to others when it comes to choosing your gun.

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A little about me: My name is Harry and i’ve been an airsoft enthusiast for the majority of my life. I was first introduced to the sport when I was about 13 by my middle school gym teacher. His son was one of my friends and he also happened to be a big kid at heart. He had a pair of Tokyo Marui MP5’s that we used to get and play with when he wasn’t around. We had cheap spring guns ourselves, and these felt like the real deal compared to them. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with finding the best weapons, gear and setups, and competing in fields around the United States.

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