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Off the Beat, now in its 27th year, is the University of Pennsylvania’s modern rock a cappella group. Since its inception, the group has won over 25 CARA awards, the highest honor in a cappella music. Their songs have been featured numerous times on compilations such as Voices Only and the BOCA: Best of College A Cappella series. In addition to the concerts produced every semester, the group has performed all over Philadelphia, the Northeast, and the country to much acclaim. Some of our favorites include opening for Sing Off winners “Committed” during their tour, performing for Philadelphia Eagles VIP members at Lincoln Financial Field, marriage proposals, and our recent spring break tours to Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.


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Sophia Dominguez ‘15

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Sophia Dominguez Perez is a Senior, majoring in the Biological Basis of Behavior and minoring in Hispanic Studies.  When she’s not volunteering in a neurosurgery lab, studying the effects that traumatic brain injury can have on neurons in the brain, she is eating chocolate for any meal of the day.  But don’t let her cuddly demeanor deceive you; kickboxing is her favorite sport.

Anna Kanter ’17

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Anna Kanter is a Sophomore from Evanston, Illinois majoring in Health and Societies with a potential minor in BBB. When she’s not hanging out with her PennQuest group or chilling in WilCaf, she loves exploring new restaurants and riding her bike. Don’t be thrown off by the 300+ likes on her profile pictures or her Birkenstocks–they’re “cool” where she comes from.


Madeline Kleypas ’17

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Maddie hails from Temple, Texas and proves that those sweet southern belles still do exist. With a fierce mind, this beauty writes for a neuro blog with a potential major in Health and Societies with a concentration in Global Health or Communications. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, she can belt a fierce soprano mélange of twang and  utter sweetness. This girl is better than some home made iced lemonade on a hot day.


Jasmine Barksdale ‘16

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Jasmine Barksdale is a Junior in the Wharton School of Business and business manager of Off The Beat. She is currently undecided but she hopes to complete a minor in International Relations with the College. Being from rural Minnesota, she loves to take advantage of the abundance of lakes, forests, green spaces and the game Duck, Duck, Gray Duck – the Minnesotan adaptation of Duck, Duck, Goose. Unfortunately, none of these are very abundant in Philadelphia and so she relieves her stress by listening to either classical music or rap.


Eleanor Thompson ’17

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Eleanor is a Political Science and Psychology double-major born and raised right here in Philadelphia. When this fiery bangin’ blonde mezzo is not gracing your ears belting out sweet low tunes and glorious Beyonce runs, you can bet she’s at the gym sculpting out those rock hard abs and killer biceps. But don’t be intimidated by her awesome, everyone falls in love with this fierce flower-child bombshell’s sensual vocals and glowing heart.


Jordyn Feingold ’15










Jordyn is a Senior  Health and Societies major  with a concentration in Environment and Health and minor in sociology!  When Off The Beat’s Vice president is of rehearsal, the classroom and laboratory, she is constantly on the prowl to discover new people, new food (vegetarian, of course), new music, and new experiences.  In pursuit of her pre-med goals, this ecofeminist truly prides herself on being both free spirited and type-A at the same time! But actually.

Jordyn is also President of Off the Beat.





Susanna Lustbader ‘15












Susanna “Dirty Suze” Lustbader is a name you won’t soon forget.  Hailing from Connecticut, Suze’s chocolatey tones and smooth riffs will leave your jaw dropped and your ears hungry for more.  After last year’s spring concert one audience member uttered, “with Suze, you come for the legs and stay for the voice.”  We couldn’t agree more. She’s one of a kind.  It’s almost like she’s not even real. Wait…where’s Suze?


Emily Fisher ‘17

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Emily Fisher is a Sophomore from Mechanicsburg, PA. When she’s not slaying alto (and sometimes tenor) parts, this SDT sister and rock star is working in West Philly Schools, making paper at SFCU and impressing you with her assortment of patterned tights.


Brian Park ’18



Brian is a freshman minoring in the Biological Basis of Behavior. I think we all collectively knew we were in love with this goofy guy when he showed up to callbacks wearing panda slippers. (Way to perpetuate the stereotype, Brian…) In all seriousness, Brian is an outgoing and chill dude with an incredible tenor tone. To the best of our knowledge, he has not yet taken off his OTB sweatshirt, a mark of true devotion.

Eric Chen ’18


Eric Chen is a Freshman majoring in Chemistry. How did we last so many years without Eric’s kickass tenor belt, amazing dance moves, obsession with barbershop quartets (rightfully so; he’s in one!), and always funny–and often punny–jokes?? That’s a mystery, but what we know for sure is that his punk rocker voice will blow you into the next “Centuries”.



David Kipke ’15

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David is a Senior and former music director of Off The Beat. This Political Science/History double major is proudly from Kansas City. He wore a Kansas City sports jersey in his OTB audition and has continued to wear one in every single concert, despite the fact that his Kansas Jayhawks have been knocked out of the NCAA Tournament on the Friday night of each of our last Spring concerts. He has been told that his spirit animal is the American Bison.


Rohan Waghani ’16

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Rohan Waghani is beautiful.  That’s all there is to it.



Kobie Mensah-Brown ’15











Kobie is a Bioengineering Senior, minoring in a bunch of science-related subjects. Rarely seen without his earphones, a maroon shirt of some sort and a pack of twizzlers, Kobie may make you reconsider your definition of epic. Born in South Africa and raised in Dubai, this Webmaster/Bass/Techie brings a fresh mind, unique “Ohohohoho” laugh/question/statement, and the most unexpected exclamations you will ever hear.

Jae Joon (JJ) Lee ’17

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JJ is a Sophomore from SOUTH Korea who spent half of his life elsewhere, like Vietnam, Canada, and Cambodia. Majoring in Computer Science, JJ is always excited to serve Kobie as his bass disciple. When he is not singing, eating, or avoiding homework he’s..wait no, that’s all he does.  There are rumors that he can rap. There are also rumors that he is Haneol in disguise (see Haneol Jeong below).  But really, he’s PSY.


Haneol Jeong ’18








Haneol Jeong is a sophomore in the Wharton School of Business. He’s currently undecided – AKA he will probably end up going into finance. You might be wondering how he’s already in OTB when set to graduate in 2018.  Here’s the story: when Haneol joined OTB, he felt that he wasn’t edgy enough for us, so he decided to sharpen his cheek bones. When he realized that this just wasn’t going to cut it, he decided to go serve the South Korean army for two years. #Deuces



Polaris (2013)

album rts2

1. Below My Feet
Originally Performed By Mumford & Sons
Soloist: Derek Chilvers

2. Bottom of the River
Originally Performed By Delta Rae
Soloist: Jasmine Barksdale

3. Don’t Wake Me Up
Originally Performed By Lianne La Havas
Soloist: Susanna Lustbader

4. Madness
Originally Performed By Muse
Soloist: Kobie Mensah-Brown

5. Tallulah
Originally Performed By Company of Thieves
Soloist: Jordyn Feingold

6. When I’m Alone
Originally Performed By Lissie
Soloist: Ali Kriegsman

7. Us & Ourselves
Originally Performed By Morning Parade
Soloist: Leo Wolansky

8. Runaway
Originally Performed By Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Soloist: Maddy Dopico

9. Red Hands
Originally Performed By The Dear Hunter
Soloist: Mike Fisher

10. Iscariot
Originally Performed By Walk the Moon
Soloist: David Kipke


The Difference (2012)

The Differenc

1. If Not Now, When? 
Originally Performed By Incubus
Soloist: Alex Friedlander

2. Death of Communication 
Originally Performed By Company of Thieves
Soloist: Janelle McDermoth

3. Paradise 
Originally Performed By Coldplay
Soloists: David Kipke & Kobie Mensah-Brown

4. Stranger 
Originally Performed By Katie Costello
Soloist: Susanna Lustbader

5. Lies of the Beautiful People 
Originally Performed By Six:A.M.
Soloist: Blake Feldman

6. White Blank Page 
Originally Performed By Mumford & Sons
Soloist: Leo Wolansky

7. Love On Top 
Originally Performed By Beyonce
Soloist: Maddy Dopico

8. Take Me Home 
Originally Performed By After Midnight Project
Soloist: Mike Fisher

9. When I’m Down 
Originally Performed By Chris Cornell
Soloist: Derek Chilvers

10. Skyscraper 
Originally Performed By Demi Lovato
Soloist: Hannah Platt

11. Walk 
Originally Performed By Foo Fighters
Soloist: Blake Feldman

12. Marry the Night 
Originally Performed By Lady Gaga
Soloist: Ali Kriegsman


Bad Temperance (2011)

Bad Temperance

1. Paris (Ooh La La)
Originally Performed By Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Soloist: Maggie Nyce

2. Little Lion Man 
Originally Performed By Mumford & Sons
Soloist: Nate Budischak

3. Shark in the Water 
Originally Performed By V. V. Brown
Soloist: Maddy Dopico

4. New Born 
Originally Performed By Muse
Soloist: Alex Friedlander

5. Breathe Again 
Originally Performed By Sara Bareilles
Soloist: Jung Kim

6. Dog Days Are Over 
Originally Performed By Florence & The Machine
Soloist: Janelle McDermoth

7. Bloodbuzz Ohio
Originally Performed By The National
Soloist: Leo Wolansky

8. My Legs Are Weak 
Originally Performed By Paloma Faith
Soloist: Ali Kriegsman

9. Firework 
Originally Performed By Katy Perry
Soloist: Hannah Platt

10. The Crow And The Butterfly 
Originally Performed By Shinedown
Soloist: Derek Chilvers

11. Alibi 
Originally Performed By Thirty Seconds to Mars
Soloist: Mike Fisher

12. Cosmic Love 
Originally Performed By Florence + The Machine
Soloist: Amanda Stevens

13. Emotions 
Originally Performed By Destiny’s Child
Group Song




1. Mk Ultra
Originally Performed By Muse
Soloist: Larry Crane-Moscowitz

2. Kings and Queens
Originally Performed By Thirty Seconds to Mars
Soloist: Alex Friedlander

3. Oscar Wilde
Originally Performed By Company of Thieves
Soloist: Ali Kriegsman

4. Sitting On the Dock of the Bay
Originally Performed By Sara Bareilles
Soloist: Hannah Platt

5. Cloud Nine
Originally Performed By Evanescence
Soloist: Maggie Nyce

6.Here We Go Again
Originally Performed By Demi Lovato
Soloist: Maddy Dopico

7. Panic Switch
Originally Performed By Silversun Pickups
Soloist: Nate Budischak

8. Oil And Water
Originally Performed By Incubus
Soloist: Blake Feldman

9. Aha!
Originally Performed By Imogen Heap
Soloist: Jess Leifer

10. Blue Ridge Mountains
Originally Performed By Fleet Foxes
Soloist: Alex Friedlander

11. Where Did You Go
Originally Performed By Valencia
Soloist: Leo Wolansky

12. Day Too Soon
Originally Performed By Sia
Soloist: Jess Leifer

13. Heart of the Matter
Originally Performed By India Arie
Soloist: Jung Kim

14. Crazy Ever After
Originally Performed By The Rescues
Group Song




1. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Originally Performed By Radiohead
Soloist: Will Green

2. Fooled Ya Baby
Originally Performed By Nikka Costa
Soloist: Hannah Platt

3. Gift of Paralysis
Originally Performed By Envy On The Coast
Soloist: Alex Friedlander

4. Paris Is Burning
Originally Performed By St. Vincent
Soloist: Maggie Nyce

5. Signs
Originally Performed By Bloc Party
Soloist: Larry Crane-Moscowitz

6. La La Land
Originally Performed By Demi Lovato
Soloist: Angelee Montecon

7. In The Morning
Originally Performed By Junior Boys
Soloist: Will Green

Originally Performed By Framing Hanley/Lil Wayne
Soloist: Josh Rittenberg

9. Lexington
Originally Performed By Chiodos
Soloist: Jung Kim

10. Warwick Avenue
Originally Performed By Duffy
Soloist: Jess Leifer

11. Tyrant
Originally Performed By OneRepublic
Soloist: Larry Crane-Moscowitz

12. Dream
Originally Performed By Priscilla Ahn
Soloist: Angelee Montecon




1. Because
Originally Performed By The Beatles
Group Song

2.The Bird and the Worm
Originally Performed By The Used
Soloist: Dave Caulk

3.Losing My Ground
Originally Performed By Fergie
Soloist: Donna Budica

4. The Pretender
Originally Performed By Foo Fighters
Soloist: Max Glass

5. Division
Originally Performed By Aly & Aj
Soloist: Angelee Montecon

6. Monsters
Originally Performed By Matchbook Romance
Soloist: Josh Rittenberg

7. What Goes Around Comes Around
Originally Performed By Justin Timberlake
Soloist: Jonah Platt

Originally Performed By Fireflight
Maggie Nyce

9. Lucy
Originally Performed By Skillet
Soloist: Larry Crane-Moscowitz

10. Just a Phase
Originally Performed By Incubus
Soloist: Will Green

11. Love Song
Originally Performed By Sara Bareilles
Soloist: Jung Kim

12. Lost Angeles
Originally Performed By Wired All Wrong
Soloist: Jonah Platt

13. The Moment I Said It
Originally Performed By Imogen Heap
Soloist: Donna Budica

14. Elephant Love Medley
Originally Performed By Moulin Rouge
Soloist: Dave Caulk, Jess Leifer


The Empty Set(2007)

The Empty Set

1. Miss Murder
Originally Performed By AFI
Soloist: Jake Cooper
2. Let This Go
Originally Performed By Paramore
Soloist: Angelee Montecon
3. Surface
Originally Performed By Denali
Soloist: Rina Goncalves
4. The Kill
Originally Performed By Thirty Seconds to Mars
Soloist: Jonah Platt
5. Dreaming with a Broken Heart
Originally Performed By John Mayer
Soloist: Larry Crane-Moscowitz
6. Fully Alive
Originally Performed By Flyleaf
Soloist: Deb Elias
7. The Coldest Heart
Originally Performed By The Classic Crime
Soloist: Dave Caulk
8. Mercy on Me
Originally Performed By Christina Aguilera
Soloist: Donna Budica
9. Anna Molly
Originally Performed By Bloc Party
Soloist: Will Green
10. Sewn
Originally Performed By The Feeling
Soloist: Jake Cooper
11. Monster
Originally Performed By Meg&Dia
Soloist: Lisa Pagano
12. Suzie
Originally Performed By Boy Kill Boy
Soloist: Will Green
13. You Know My Name
Originally Performed By Chris Cornell
Soloist: Jonah Platt

14. Does He Love You?
Originally Performed By Rilo Kiley
Soloist: Rina Goncalves




1. Question!
Originally Performed By System Of A Down
Soloist: Dave Caulk, Breton Bonnette

2. Imaginary
Originally Performed By Evanescence
Soloist: Angelee Montecon

3. Lights and Sounds
Originally Performed By Yellowcard
Soloist: Breton Bonnette

4. Fix You
Originally Performed By Coldplay
Soloist: Will Green

5.Breathe Me
Originally Performed By Sia
Soloist: Donna Budica

Originally Performed By Fiona Apple
Soloist: Stacey Lloyd

7. Sugar, We’re Going Down
Originally Performed By Fall Out Boy
Soloist: Jason Ryterband

Originally Performed By Paramore
Soloist: Deb Elias

9. When We Are One
Originally Performed By The Rescues
Soloist: Jake Cooper

10.Ghost of  You
Originally Performed By My Chemical Romance
Soloist: Breton Bonnette

11. Because of You
Originally Performed By Kelly Clarkson
Soloist: Rina Goncalves

12. All These Things That I’ve Done
Originally Performed By The Killers
Soloist: Michael Auerbach

13. The Crowing
Originally Performed By Coheed and Cambria
Soloist: Dave Caulk, Jonah Platt

14. Hide and Seek
Originally Performed By Imogen Heap
Group Song


More Bombtracks (1997-2006)


Disc 1
1. Passive
2. Joining You
3. Paranoid Android
4. Question!
5. Mama
6. Here With Me
7. Silence
8. That I Would Be Good
9. So Cold
10. Jackie’s Strength
11. Foolish Games
12. Bring me to Life
13. When We are One
14. Wild Horses
15. Let Down
16. Hide and Seek

Disc 2
1. Back on Earth
2. I Will Love Again
3. The Kids Aren’t Alright
4. Possum Kingdom
5. Vaishnav Jan To
6. Free
7. Time and Time Again
8. Blood of Eden
9. Intermission
10. No One Knows
11. Pardon Me
12. Crash Into Me
13. Volcano Girls
14. Superman
15. Chop Suey!
16. Beautiful People




1. So Cold
Originally Performed By Breaking Benjamin

2. I’m Not Okay
Originally Performed By My Chemical Romance

3. Let Go
Originally Performed By Frou Frou

4. Passive
Originally Performed By A Perfect Circle

5. Bedshaped
Originally Performed By Keane

6. Vitamin R
Originally Performed By Chevelle

7. Pain
Originally Performed By Jimmy Eat World

8. Megalomaniac
Originally Performed By Incubus

9. Forgiven
Originally Performed By Alanis Morissette

10. In The Meantime
Originally Performed By Spacehog

11. Broken
Originally Performed By Seether

12. Time and Time Again
Originally Performed By Chronic Future

13. Limp
Originally Performed By Fiona Apple

14. Time is Running Out
Originally Performed By Muse


Burn Like a Roman Candle (2005)

Burn Like a Roman Candle

1. Chop Suey!
Originally Performed By System of a Down

2. Mono
Originally Performed By Courtney Love

3. Going Under
Originally Performed By Evanescence

4. Paranoid Android
Originally Performed By Radiohead

5. Explode
Originally Performed By Nelly Furtado

6. Hands Down
Originally Performed By Dashboard Confessional

7. Meant to Live
Originally Performed By Switchfoot

8. Creatures For a While
Originally Performed By 311

9. Sunday Morning
Originally Performed By No Doubt

10. Until the Day I Die
Originally Performed By Story of the Year

11. Signals Over The Air
Originally Performed By Thursday

12. Weak and Powerless
Originally Performed By A Perfect Circle

13. Precious Things
Originally Performed By Tori Amos

14. Possum Kingdom
Originally Performed By Toadies

More Screaming(2003)

More Screaming

1. No One Knows
2. Bring Me to Life
3. Remember
4. Walk Away
5. A Praise Chorus
6. A Sorta Fairytale
7. The Red
8. Volcano Girls
9. In My Place
10. Heart-Shaped Box
11. My Stupid Mouth
12. Take it Off
13. Fear
14. Aerials


Take One(2002)

Take One

1. Crawling in the Dark
2. Beautiful
3. Side
4. The People that We Love
5. Fallin’
6. Superman
7. Mother, Mother
8. Kid Fears
9. Hands CLean
10. The Middle
11. Overcome
12. Everything for Free
13. Mama
14. Last Night



Off the Beat

1. Pardon Me
2. Here With Me
3. 3 Libras and Intro
4. I Will Love Again
5. Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
6. Come Here Boy
7. Desert Rose
8. Cradle and All
9. Machinehead
10. Faster Faster
11. Hanging by a Moment
12. Crazy Baby
13. Angel’s Son
14. Silence
15. Letdown




Join Off The Beat on Friday 12/5 and Saturday 12/6 for our Fall Show! Off the Beat is Penn’s premier pop-rock ensemble and is one of the most decorated college a cappella groups with over 25 CARA Awards. If you like music and fun (and who doesn’t??) then you won’t want to miss this performance!

Artists being covered include Sia, Young the Giant, Fall Out Boy and many more!!


7:00 PM Friday

6:00 PM Saturday

Tickets will be sold online and on Locust Walk beginning Monday, April 14th. Get a group of 7+ together for a group discount! You can also Venmo Jordyn Feingold (“Jordyn Heather” on Venmo) and we will hold tickets for you at the door–just be sure to specify which night.

Buy tix online at:

$7 for groups of 7+
$8 on Locust Walk
$10 at the door

Harrison Auditorium is inside the Penn Museum with an entrance through the red doors on the Southwest corner of 33rd and Spruce Streets.


Off the Beat is a modern pop-rock a cappella group from the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia. Over the academic year, Off the Beat enjoys doing gigs in the Northeast and touring abroad over the holidays. The group typically goes on tour each year and during Spring Break – previous spring tours have been to California, The Dominican Republic and, most recently, Puerto Rico. Contact us for Weddings, Proposals, Corporate Gatherings, Bar Mitzvahs, and any other special event. We’d love to hear from you!

For Booking Events:

For Album issues:


The Empty Set

The Kill

The Difference


The Difference

Marry the Night

The Difference

Love on Top


Hide And Seek


When We Are One


The Pretender


The Crowing




Breathe Me